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"Real life phenomenas inspire me to write good music for the society" Rapper Stalker Stoka

Today was a nice day having an interview with Kasarani finest Stalker Stoka , he' s really a promising artist and actually k...

Today was a nice day having an interview with Kasarani finest Stalker Stoka , he's really a promising artist and actually kenya should be ready for his coming projects 
Bellow Is how today's interview with the rapper went :- 

1. Hello ,i hope you're doing well..
: Yeah sure im good i thank God

2. Im presenter Trappkid what's your name please and your stage name in particular
: My name is  DISHON aka STALKER STOKA
3. Where do you come from ?
Im from Kasarani area code 17B 

4. Which type of music art do you do ?
I do all music genres but my professional one is Gengetone type of music 
5.when did you start your music career : 
My Music career started long time ago when i was a kid 

6.what really inspired you to join the music industry 
Im inspired by life ,you know we've to express something's well in music and that's what is music meant for the society
7. Over the years what have you lived to desire to be or to do ?
To have a big media production company like Michael Jackson , that's my legend forever 

8. Apart from music which hustle do you do ? Or you only do music as a full-time job 
Apart from music i do tattoo cliants and also sometimes i do videography works
9. Have you ever experienced The worst experience in the industry ..?
Yes, finding a platform to air my art it's not that easy ,we strain alot 
10. So far what goals have you archived that you never thought you would have met...
Writing and releasing tracks on my own ,its the biggest thing 

11. Are you signed artist or you're an independent artist? Why did you choose so?
Im and independent artist ever since,you know finding the lebels or well wishers to give you contracts and sign you is hard ,need a little bit connection of which i dont have 

12. If you don't mind you can tell as about your relationship status
 Im currently dating

13. Your best highschool moments...
Kukesha kwa PS hadi 2Am at night it was really fun

14. In Kenya which artist do you wish to work with? 
15. Which advice will you give to the artistes and the. Young upcoming generations 
Never give up , archive all you can, everything is possible through hardwork 
16. What will you do if offered 140M to push your talent
I will build a big studio label and also open an orphanage 

17. How can your fans reach you out , please tag your social media platforms
Im STALKER STOKA  on all platforms
18. Your latest Music ?
 My latest release is LISTEN  already available on youtube 
My upcoming project is what's wrong 

thank you for having an interview with GOTCHSCAPE RADIO 
Interview by @isaac_trappkid

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