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"TAUSI really inspired me to join the music industry" Rapper Kandie Gee Taffie narrates how he got himself in the popular music industry

"TAUSI really inspired me to join the music industry ,i started as a dancer back in the days but fhe passion that was in me was to be a...

"TAUSI really inspired me to join the music industry ,i started as a dancer back in the days but fhe passion that was in me was to be a Rapper and that's what iam today  ..." Rapper Kandie Gee Taffie narrates how he slowly got himself in the popular music industry

Rapper Kandie Gee is a very talented musician out there ,he only needs a small push to come into lamelighte , he's music can really make you sing along ,and he doesn't look only on what others do but the content matters
Bellow is how the interview went :- 

1. Hello ,i hope you're doing well..
I'm doing great,thank you
2. Im presenter Trappkid what's your name please and your stage name in particular
my name..martin..stage name Kandie Gee Taffie

3. Where do you come from ?
I come from Meru place a town goes by the name kathirune
4. Which type of music art do you do ? I'm a rapper ...I do trap music hiphop, Rnb 

5.when did you start your music career- 
music career I started this when I was 18 that is 2018
6.what really inspired you to join the music industry 
I started like a dancer ...there where my music journey was reall good ...I remember dancing to one well know artist here meru..goes by the name Tausi..she really made mi feel that music is in day she had a interview in a certain TV channel and boom there I was with my dancing crew since that day I started writting spoken word 
7. Over the years what have you lived to desire to be or to do ?
.like my whole life ...taking music to the next level...
International artist 
8. Apart from music which hustle do you do ? Or you only do music as a full-time job 
.Noh I'm a video editor, make logos and apart from that I have my own job selling shoes ...
9. Have you ever experienced The worst experience in the industry ..?
.yeah, my first day to visit a studio..I cant name the studio..
But serious I paid them to record me a music but ...they told me to come after 6 days...when I came back ...😂😂 nobody was there...but that never made me say I quite
10. So far what goals have you archived that you never thought you would have met...
almost everything on track..I really thank God for this far.

11. Are you signed artist or you're an independent artist? Why did you choose so?
I'm indeperdent artist.not that I choose this but sometime you have less money to make payments other time I hard to get legit marketing of your music...

12. If you don't mind you can tell as about your relationship status
hehehe, yeah I'm single and I love it...
13. Your best highschool moments...
my highschool was a tough school but I enjoyed it when I had my crew. crew

14. In Kenya which artist do you wish to work with? 
.I don't target those big name artist...but for sure arrow bwoy...
15. Which advice will you give to the artistes and the. Young upcoming generations 
about artist in about music is a journey ..people quite ...temptations all over so watch your back.about young upcoming is no longer simple got keep doing it no matter the situation...if you choose it chase it and you will win it

16. What will you do if offered 140M to push your talent- 
140M just little amount to me ...than I wanna make through my talent...but at first I wann have my own own dancing hall..secondly ...I will bring my self to the level I'm supposed to be ...make sure that I have some artist under my management ..

17. How can your fans reach you out , please tag your social media platforms
FB page_Kandie Gee Taffie official
IG_Kandie Gee Taffie
Audiomack_Kandie Gee Taffie
Boomplay_Kandie Gee Taffie
YOUTUBE_Kandie Gee Taffie
18. Your latest Music ? My latest music(Babe love, Addicted)

thank you for having an interview with GOTCHSCAPE RADIO 

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