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How terror suspect with intel on KDF and General Election blew his own cover

Details have emerged of how a suspected Al Shabaab militant blew his own cover leading to his arrest in Nyali at the weekend. In a detail...

Details have emerged of how a suspected Al Shabaab militant blew his own cover leading to his arrest in Nyali at the weekend. In a detailed report, the police have disclosed how the suspect, with intel on the Kenya Defense Forces (KDF) and crucial details on the General Election, was arrested. According to the police, the suspect, identified as Ali Hassan Mzee, who hails from Vihiga County, approached Nyali Barracks Gate C claiming he had lost his way. He then informed the guards at the gate that he was a new soldier who worked with the Kenya Airforce but when he was asked to show his identification documents he failed to do so. “He was blindfolded and taken into custody and handed over to military police detachment and currently undergoing further interrogation,” the police said. Police inspected a backpack that the suspected was arrested with and found two notebooks, four letters, two flash disks, one memory card, one electronic organizer, two badges and one pair of eye sunglasses. “The notebooks contained information pertaining to KDF services, units, formations and bomb making components and procedures. It also contained details of the next General Elections,” the police said in the report. Others recovered from the backpack include one pair of swimming glasses, one electrical tester, one simcard, a bunch of keys, a marker pen, unknown substances suspected to be bhang and black powder. According to the police report, after the arrest, the camp’s security was beefed up and all the officers briefed to be on high alert. The arrest comes amidst intelligence reports that suspected Al Shabaab militants have been planning to attack police camps in the vast North Eastern region.

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