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Police officer arrested after reporting loss of his firearm

A police officer was on Tuesday arrested after he reported the loss of his pistol in Nairobi. The officer is said to have lost his pistol wi...

A pistol and several rounds of ammunition. FILE PHOTO | NATION

A police officer was on Tuesday arrested after he reported the loss of his pistol in Nairobi. The officer is said to have lost his pistol with 14 rounds of ammunition on Monday night while riding on a motorcycle in Industrial Area. In a statement, the officer said that it dropped off a holster as he rode on a motorcycle. Police say they are investigating the incident with an aim of taking further action on the officer even as the search for the missing firearm continues. The arrest comes after the police recently revealed that one particular firearm stolen from a police officer had been used to commit multiple crimes in Nairobi, including the fatal shooting incident at Mirema Springs in Nairobi’s Roysambu neighbourhood. According to DCI, the single firearm was stolen from a police officer three years ago and used to terrorise members of the public within and outside Nairobi. DCI revealed that the officer who had been assigned the firearm that was recovered three years later was drugged and robbed of his belongings including the Jericho pistol (Serial Number KE KP44330654), after his drink was spiked at a city nightclub. The officer was found lying unconscious on Mtama Road in Highridge, Parklands area around 10am on June 20, 2019. The officer was later rushed to hospital by his colleagues. They said that the officer was a victim of the infamous drink-spike syndicate in Nairobi nightclubs. DCI, forensic investigations have linked the stolen firearm, which has since been recovered to criminal activities in Kasarani, Makadara, Kayole, Kamukunji, Dandora, Buruburu, Ruai, Kikuyu, Embakasi and Karatina. According to the police, the stolen firearm had been hired by gangsters in Kayole and had been used in the robbery of more than Sh10 million from several M-Pesa shops in Nairobi.

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